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Alcona County Municipalities
- 14 municipalities found
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Alcona County       
Alcona Township       
Caledonia Township       
City of Harrisville       
Curtis Township       
Gustin Township       
Harrisville Township       
Hawes Township       
Haynes Township       
Mikado Township
Millen Township       
Mitchell Township       
Township of Greenbush       
Village of Lincoln       
Alger County Municipalities
- 10 municipalities found
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Alger County       
Au Train Township
Burt Township
Grand Island Township
Limestone Township
Mathias Township
Munising Township       
Onota Township
Rock River Township
Village of Chatham
Allegan County Municipalities
- 32 municipalities found
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Allegan County   
Allegan Township
Cheshire Township
City of Allegan       
City of Fennville
City of Otsego   
City of Plainwell   
City of Saugatuck   
City of the Village of Douglas   
City of Wayland   
Clyde Township
Dorr Township       
Fillmore Township
Ganges Township
Gun Plain Charter Township   
Heath Township
Hopkins Township       
Kalamazoo Lake Sewer & Water Authority   
Lee Township
Leighton Township   
Manlius Township
Martin Township
Monterey Township
Overisel Township
Salem Township
Saugatuck Township   
Trowbridge Township
Valley Township       
Village of Hopkins
Village of Martin
Watson Township
Wayland Township
Alpena County Municipalities
- 10 municipalities found
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Alpena County       
Alpena Township   
City of Alpena   
Green Township       
Long Rapids Township       
Maple Ridge Township       
Ossineke Township
Sanborn Township
Wellington Township       
Wilson Township       
Antrim County Municipalities
- 19 municipalities found
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Antrim County   
Banks Township   
Central Lake Township       
Chestonia Township       
Custer Township       
Echo Township       
Elk Rapids Township   
Jordan Township       
Kearney Township   
Mancelona Area Water & Sewer Authority   
Mancelona Township       
Milton Township   
Star Township       
Torch Lake Township       
Village of Bellaire       
Village of Central Lake
Village of Elk Rapids   
Village of Mancelona
Warner Township   
Arenac County Municipalities
- 19 municipalities found
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Arenac County   
Adams Township       
Arenac Township
Au Gres Township
City of Au Gres   
City of Omer
City of Standish
Clayton Township
Deep River Township       
Lincoln Township
Mason Township
Moffatt Township       
Sims Township   
Standish Township
Turner Township
Village of Sterling       
Village of Turner
Village of Twining
Whitney Township
Baraga County Municipalities
- 8 municipalities found
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Baraga County       
Arvon Township
Baraga Township
Covington Township
L'Anse Township
Spurr Township
Village of Baraga       
Village of L'anse
Barry County Municipalities
- 22 municipalities found
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Barry County
Assyria Township       
Baltimore Township       
Barry Township       
Carlton Township       
Castleton Township       
City of Hastings   
Hastings Charter Township       
Hope Township       
Irving Township       
Johnstown Township   
Maple Grove Township
Orangeville Township       
Prairieville Township       
Rutland Charter Township       
Thornapple Township       
Village of Freeport       
Village of Middleville       
Village of Nashville       
Village of Woodland
Woodland Township       
Yankee Springs Township       
Bay County Municipalities
- 20 municipalities found
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Bay County       
Bangor Charter Township       
Bay City       
Beaver Township       
City of Auburn   
City of Essexville   
City of Pinconning       
Frankenlust Township       
Fraser Township
Garfield Township       
Gibson Township       
Hampton Charter Township       
Kawkawlin Metropolitan Water District   
Kawkawlin Township       
Merritt Township       
Monitor Charter Township       
Mount Forest Township
Pinconning Township       
Portsmouth Charter Township       
Williams Charter Township       
Benzie County Municipalities
- 20 municipalities found
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Benzie County       
Almira Township       
Benzonia Township       
Blaine Township
City of Frankfort
Colfax Township
Crystal Lake Township   
Gilmore Township
Homestead Township       
Inland Township       
Joyfield Township
Platte Township       
Village of Benzonia
Village of Beulah
Village of Elberta
Village of Honor
Village of Lake Ann
Village of Thompsonville
Weldon Township
Berrien County Municipalities
- 40 municipalities found
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Berrien County       
Bainbridge Township   
Baroda Township       
Benton Charter Township   
Berrien Township       
Bertrand Township       
Buchanan Township       
Chikaming Township   
City of Benton Harbor   
City of Bridgman       
City of Buchanan   
City of Coloma
City of New Buffalo   
City of Niles       
City of St Joseph   
City of Watervliet       
Coloma Charter Township       
Galien Township
Hagar Township
Lake Charter Township       
Lincoln Charter Township   
New Buffalo Township   
Niles Township       
Oronoko Charter Township   
Pipestone Township       
Royalton Township       
Sodus Township       
St Joseph Charter Township   
Three Oaks Township
Village of Baroda       
Village of Berrien Springs
Village of Eau Claire       
Village of Galien
Village of Grand Beach
Village of Michiana   
Village of Shoreham
Village of Stevensville
Village of Three Oaks       
Watervliet Township   
Weesaw Township       
Branch County Municipalities
- 22 municipalities found
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Branch County   
Algansee Township   
Batavia Township
Bethel Township
Bronson Township
Butler Township
California Township       
City of Bronson   
City of Coldwater   
Coldwater Township   
Gilead Township
Girard Township   
Kinderhook Township   
Matteson Township
Noble Township
Ovid Township   
Quincy Township       
Sherwood Township       
Union Township
Village of Quincy   
Village of Sherwood
Village of Union City   
BSA County Municipalities
- 1 municipality found
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BSAO FM Training   
Calhoun County Municipalities
- 28 municipalities found
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Calhoun County       
Albion Township
Athens Township   
Bedford Charter Township   
Burlington Township       
City of Albion   
City of Battle Creek   
City of Marshall   
City of Springfield   
Clarence Township       
Clarendon Township       
Convis Township       
Eckford Township       
Emmett Township   
Fredonia Township       
Homer Township       
Lee Township       
Leroy Township   
Marengo Township       
Marshall Township   
Newton Township   
Pennfield Township   
Sheridan Township       
Tekonsha Township   
Village of Athens
Village of Burlington
Village of Homer       
Village of Tekonsha       
Cass County Municipalities
- 21 municipalities found
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Cass County       
Calvin Township       
City of Dowagiac       
Howard Township
Jefferson Township       
LaGrange Township
Marcellus Township       
Mason Township       
Milton Township       
Newberg Township
Ontwa Township       
Penn Township       
Pokagon Township
Porter Township       
Silver Creek Township
Village of Cassopolis       
Village of Edwardsburg
Village of Marcellus   
Village of Vandalia
Volinia Township       
Wayne Township
Charlevoix County Municipalities
- 19 municipalities found
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Charlevoix County       
Bay Township       
Boyne Valley Township   
Chandler Township       
Charlevoix Township       
City of Boyne City       
City of Charlevoix       
City of East Jordan   
Evangeline Township   
Eveline Township       
Hayes Township       
Hudson Township       
Marion Township       
Melrose Township       
Norwood Township       
Peaine Township   
South Arm Township       
Village of Boyne Falls
Wilson Township       
Cheboygan County Municipalities
- 18 municipalities found
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Cheboygan County       
Beaugrand Township
Benton Township       
Burt Township
City of Cheboygan   
Ellis Township
Forest Township
Grant Township       
Koehler Township
Mentor Township
Mullett Township       
Munro Township
Nunda Township
Tuscarora Township       
Village of Wolverine
Walker Township
Waverly Township
Wilmot Township
Cheboygan/Emmet County Municipalities
- 1 municipality found
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Village of Mackinaw City
Chippewa County Municipalities
- 19 municipalities found
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Chippewa County   
Bay Mills Township
Bruce Township       
Chippewa Township
City of Sault Sainte Marie   
Dafter Township       
DeTour Township and DeTour Village       
Drummond Township
Hulbert Township
Kinross Charter Township       
Pickford Township
Raber Township       
Rudyard Township       
Soo Township       
Sugar Island Township
Superior Township
Trout Lake Township       
Village of DeTour
Whitefish Township
Clare County Municipalities
- 20 municipalities found
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Clare County       
Arthur Township
City of Clare   
City of Harrison       
Franklin Township
Freeman Township       
Frost Township
Garfield Twp       
Grant Township
Greenwood Township
Hamilton Township
Hatton Township
Hayes Township       
Lincoln Township       
Redding Township       
Sheridan Township
Summerfield Township       
Surrey Township       
Village of Farwell
Winterfield Township       
Clinton County Municipalities
- 26 municipalities found
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Clinton County   
Bath Charter Township   
Bengal Township       
Bingham Township       
City of DeWitt   
City of Ovid       
City of St Johns   
Dallas Township       
DeWitt Charter Township   
Duplain Township       
Eagle Township   
Essex Township       
Greenbush Township       
Lebanon Township       
Olive Township       
Ovid Township       
Riley Township       
Southern Clinton County Municipal Utilities Auth
Victor Township       
Village of Eagle
Village of Elsie       
Village of Fowler
Village of Maple Rapids
Village of Westphalia
Watertown Township   
Westphalia Township       
Crawford County Municipalities
- 8 municipalities found
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Crawford County       
Beaver Creek Township       
City of Grayling       
Frederic Township       
Grayling Township       
Lovells Township       
Maple Forest Township
South Branch Township
Delta County Municipalities
- 18 municipalities found
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Delta County       
Baldwin Township
Bark River Township
Bay De Noc Township
Brampton Township
City of Escanaba   
City of Gladstone   
Cornell Township
Ensign Township
Escanaba Township
Fairbanks Township
Ford River Township
Garden Township
Maple Ridge Township
Masonville Township
Nahma Township
Village of Garden
Wells Township
Dickinson County Municipalities
- 11 municipalities found
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Dickinson County       
Breen Township       
Breitung Charter Township       
City of Iron Mountain       
City of Kingsford       
City of Norway       
Felch Township
Norway Township
Sagola Township       
Waucedah Township
West Branch Township
Eaton County Municipalities
- 27 municipalities found
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Eaton County   
Bellevue Township
Benton Township       
Brookfield Township
Carmel Township       
Chester Township
City of Charlotte   
City of Eaton Rapids       
City of Grand Ledge   
City of Olivet       
City of Potterville       
Delta Charter Township   
Eaton Rapids Township
Eaton Township   
Hamlin Township
Kalamo Township       
Oneida Township   
Roxand Township
Sunfield Township       
Vermontville Township       
Village of Bellevue       
Village of Dimondale
Village of Mulliken
Village of Sunfield
Village of Vermontville       
Walton Township
Windsor Charter Township   
Emmet County Municipalities
- 23 municipalities found
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Emmet County   
Bear Creek Township
Bliss Township
Carp Lake Township
Center Township
City of Harbor Springs       
City of Petoskey       
Cross Village Township
Emmet Co. Bldg Dept.   
Emmet Co. Record Card Information   
Friendship Township
Little Traverse Township
Littlefield Township
Maple River Township
McKinley Township
Pleasantview Township
Readmond Township
Resort Township
Springvale Township       
Village of Alanson
Village of Pellston
Wawatam Township
West Traverse Township
Genesee County Municipalities
- 34 municipalities found
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Genesee County       
Argentine Township       
Atlas Township   
Beecher Metropolitan District   
Charter Township of Fenton   
Charter Township of Flint       
City of Burton   
City of Clio   
City of Davison   
City of Fenton   
City of Flint       
City of Flushing   
City of Grand Blanc   
City of Linden   
City of Montrose       
City of Mount Morris       
City of Swartz Creek       
Clayton Charter Township       
Davison Township       
Flushing Charter Township       
Forest Township       
Gaines Township       
Genesee Charter Township   
Grand Blanc Township   
Montrose Charter Township       
Mount Morris Charter Township       
Mundy Charter Township       
Richfield Township       
Thetford Township       
Vienna Township   
Village of Gaines
Village of Goodrich   
Village of Otisville       
Village of Otter Lake       
Gladwin County Municipalities
- 18 municipalities found
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Gladwin County       
Beaverton Township       
Bentley Township
Billings Township       
Bourret Township
Buckeye Township       
Butman Township   
City of Beaverton       
City of Gladwin   
Clement Township   
Gladwin Township       
Grim Township
Grout Township
Hay Township       
Sage Township       
Secord Township       
Sherman Township       
Tobacco Township       
Gogebic County Municipalities
- 9 municipalities found
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Gogebic County       
Bessemer Township
City of Bessemer       
City of Ironwood       
City of Wakefield       
Erwin Township
Ironwood Township       
Marenisco Township
Watersmeet Township
Grand Traverse County Municipalities
- 17 municipalities found
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Grand Traverse County       
Acme Township       
Blair Township   
East Bay Township       
Fife Lake Township       
Garfield Township       
Grant Township       
Green Lake Township   
Long Lake Township   
Mayfield Township       
Paradise Township   
Peninsula Township   
Traverse City       
Union Township       
Village of Fife Lake
Village of Kingsley
Whitewater Township       
Gratiot County Municipalities
- 23 municipalities found
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Gratiot County       
Arcada Township       
Bethany Township
City of Alma   
City of Ithaca       
City of St Louis   
Elba Township
Emerson Township   
Fulton Township       
Hamilton Township
Lafayette Township
New Haven Township       
Newark Township       
North Shade Township       
North Star Township
Pine River Township       
Seville Township       
Sumner Township
Village of Ashley
Village of Breckenridge       
Village of Perrinton
Washington Township
Wheeler Township       
Hillsdale County Municipalities
- 28 municipalities found
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Hillsdale County
Adams Township
Allen Township       
Amboy Township       
Cambria Township       
Camden Township
City of Hillsdale       
City of Jonesville       
City of Litchfield       
City of Reading       
Fayette Township       
Hillsdale Township
Jefferson Township       
Litchfield Township       
Moscow Township       
Pittsford Township       
Ransom Township       
Reading Township       
Scipio Township       
Somerset Township       
Village of Allen
Village of Camden
Village of Montgomery
Village of North Adams
Village of Waldron
Wheatland Township
Woodbridge Township       
Wright Township
Houghton County Municipalities
- 22 municipalities found
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Houghton County       
Adams Township       
Calumet Charter Township
Chassell Township
City of Hancock       
City of Houghton   
Duncan Township
Elm River Township
Franklin Township
Hancock Township
Laird Township
Osceola Township
Portage Charter Township       
Quincy Township
Schoolcraft Township
Stanton Township       
Torch Lake Township       
Village of Calumet       
Village of Copper City
Village of Lake Linden
Village of Laurium
Village of South Range
Huron County Municipalities
- 40 municipalities found
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Bingham Township       
Brookfield Township
Caseville Township       
Chandler Township
City of Bad Axe       
City of Caseville
City of Harbor Beach
Colfax Township
Dwight Township
Fairhaven Township
Gore Township
Grant Township
Hume Township
Huron Township
Lake Township       
Lincoln Township
McKinley Township
Meade Township
Oliver Township
Paris Township
Pointe Aux Barques Township
Port Austin Township
Rubicon Township
Sand Beach Township
Sebewaing Light & Water Department       
Sebewaing Township
Sheridan Township
Sherman Township
Sigel Township
Verona Township
Village of Caseville
Village of Elkton
Village of Kinde
Village of Owendale
Village of Pigeon
Village of Port Austin
Village of Port Hope
Village of Sebewaing
Village of Ubly
Winsor Township
Ingham County Municipalities
- 26 municipalities found
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Ingham County       
Alaiedon Township   
Aurelius Township   
Bunker Hill Township       
City of East Lansing   
City of Lansing   
City of Leslie   
City of Mason   
City of Williamston       
Delhi Charter Township   
Ingham Township       
Lansing Township   
Leroy Township       
Leslie Township
Locke Township
Meridian Charter Township   
Onondaga Township       
Stockbridge Township       
Vevay Township       
Village of Dansville
Village of Stockbridge       
Webberville Village       
West Side Water   
Wheatfield Township       
White Oak Township       
Williamstown Township       
Ionia County Municipalities
- 26 municipalities found
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Ionia County   
Berlin Township
Boston Township       
Campbell Township
City of Belding       
City of Ionia   
City of Portland       
Danby Township
Easton Township
Ionia Township
Keene Township
Lyons Township       
North Plains Township
Odessa Township
Orange Township
Orleans Township
Otisco Township
Portland Township       
Ronald Township
Sebewa Township
Village of Clarksville
Village of Hubbardston
Village of Lake Odessa
Village of Muir
Village of Pewamo
Village of Saranac
Iosco County Municipalities
- 15 municipalities found
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Iosco County       
Alabaster Township       
Au Sable Charter Township       
Baldwin Township       
Burleigh Township
City of East Tawas   
City of Tawas   
City of Whittemore
Grant Township       
Oscoda Township   
Plainfield Township       
Reno Township
Sherman Township       
Tawas Township
Wilber Township
Iron County Municipalities
- 13 municipalities found
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Iron County   
Bates Township
City of Caspian       
City of Crystal Falls       
City of Gaastra
City of Iron River
Crystal Falls Township       
Hematite Township       
Iron River Township
Mansfield Township
Mastodon Township       
Stambaugh Township       
Village of Alpha
Isabella County Municipalities
- 21 municipalities found
Back to Top
Isabella County   
Broomfield Township       
Chippewa Township       
City of Mt Pleasant   
Coe Township
Coldwater Township       
Deerfield Township       
Denver Township       
Fremont Township
Gilmore Township       
Isabella Township
Lincoln Township
Nottawa Township       
Rolland Township       
Sherman Township       
Union Charter Township   
Vernon Township       
Village of Lake Isabella       
Village of Rosebush
Village of Shepherd
Wise Township
Jackson County Municipalities
- 26 municipalities found
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Jackson County       
Blackman Charter Township   
City of Jackson       
Columbia Township       
Concord Township       
Grass Lake Charter Township   
Henrietta Township       
Leoni Township       
Liberty Township       
Napoleon Township       
Norvell Township       
Parma Township       
Pulaski Township       
Rives Township   
Sandstone Charter Township       
Spring Arbor Township       
Springport Township       
Summit Township       
Tompkins Township       
Village of Brooklyn       
Village of Concord       
Village of Grass Lake       
Village of Hanover
Village of Parma
Village of Springport       
Waterloo Township       
Kalamazoo County Municipalities
- 26 municipalities found
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Kalamazoo County       
Alamo Township   
Brady Township       
Charleston Township       
City of Galesburg       
City of Kalamazoo   
City of Parchment   
City of Portage   
Climax Township   
Comstock Charter Township   
Cooper Charter Township   
Gull Lake Sewer and Water Authority   
Kalamazoo Township   
Oshtemo Township   
Pavilion Township   
Prairie Ronde Township       
Richland Township   
Ross Township       
Schoolcraft Township   
Texas Charter Township   
Village of Augusta
Village of Climax
Village of Richland       
Village of Schoolcraft       
Village of Vicksburg       
Wakeshma Township       
Kalkaska County Municipalities
- 10 municipalities found
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Kalkaska County       
Bear Lake Township       
Blue Lake Township       
Boardman Township       
Coldsprings Township       
Garfield Township       
Kalkaska Township       
Oliver Township
Rapid River Township       
Village of Kalkaska
Kent County Municipalities
- 35 municipalities found
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Kent County   
Ada Township   
Algoma Township   
Alpine Township   
Bowne Township       
Byron Township   
Cannon Township   
Cascade Township   
Charter Township of Caledonia   
City of Cedar Springs   
City of Grand Rapids   
City of Grandville   
City of Kentwood   
City of Lowell   
City of Rockford   
City of Walker   
City of Wyoming   
Courtland Township   
East Grand Rapids   
Gaines Charter Township   
Grand Rapids Charter Township   
Grattan Township       
Lowell Charter Township       
Nelson Township       
Oakfield Township       
Plainfield Charter Township   
Solon Township       
Sparta Township       
Spencer Township       
Tyrone Township       
Vergennes Township   
Village of Caledonia
Village of Kent City
Village of Sand Lake       
Village of Sparta       
Keweenaw County Municipalities
- 7 municipalities found
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Keweenaw County       
Allouez Township
Eagle Harbor Township
Grant Township
Houghton Township
Sherman Township
Village of Ahmeek
Lake County Municipalities
- 17 municipalities found
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Lake County   
Chase Township       
Cherry Valley Township
Dover Township
Eden Township
Elk Township       
Ellsworth Township       
Lake Township
Newkirk Township       
Pinora Township       
Pleasant Plains Township
Sauble Township
Sweetwater Township
Village of Baldwin
Village of Luther
Webber Township
Yates Township
Lapeer County Municipalities
- 28 municipalities found
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Lapeer County       
Almont Township   
Arcadia Township
Attica Township       
Burlington Township       
Burnside Township       
City of Imlay       
City of Lapeer   
Deerfield Township       
Dryden Township       
Elba Township       
Goodland Township       
Hadley Township       
Imlay Township       
Lapeer Township       
Marathon Township       
Mayfield Township   
Metamora Township       
North Branch Township       
Oregon Township       
Rich Township       
Village of Almont       
Village of Clifford
Village of Columbiaville
Village of Dryden
Village of Metamora       
Village of North Branch       
Village of Otter Lake       
Leelanau County Municipalities
- 13 municipalities found
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Leelanau County       
Bingham Township   
Centerville Township       
Cleveland Township       
Elmwood Township       
Empire Township       
Glen Arbor Township       
Kasson Township       
Leland Township       
Suttons Bay Township       
Village of Empire
Village of Northport
Village of Suttons Bay       
Lenawee County Municipalities
- 35 municipalities found
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Lenawee County       
Adrian Charter Township
Blissfield Township       
Cambridge Township       
City of Adrian       
City of Hudson       
City of Morenci       
City of Tecumseh   
Clinton Township
Deerfield Township
Dover Township
Fairfield Township
Franklin Township
Hudson Township
Macon Township
Madison Charter Township
Medina Township
Ogden Township
Palmyra Township
Raisin Charter Township   
Ridgeway Township
Riga Township
Rollin Township       
Rome Township       
Seneca Township
Tecumseh Township
Village of Addison
Village of Blissfield       
Village of Britton
Village of Cement City
Village of Clayton
Village of Clinton
Village of Deerfield
Village of Onsted
Woodstock Township       
Livingston County Municipalities
- 22 municipalities found
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Livingston County   
Brighton Township   
City of Brighton   
City of Howell   
Cohoctah Township       
Conway Township       
Deerfield Township       
Genoa Township   
Green Oak Township   
Hamburg Township   
Handy Township   
Hartland Township   
Howell Township   
Iosco Township       
Marion Township   
MHOG Utilities   
Oceola Township   
Putnam Township   
Tyrone Township       
Unadilla Township   
Village of Fowlerville   
Village of Pinckney       
Luce County Municipalities
- 6 municipalities found
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Luce County
Columbus Township       
Lakefield Township       
McMillan Township       
Pentland Township       
Village of Newberry       
Mackinac County Municipalities
- 14 municipalities found
Back to Top
Mackinac County   
Bois Blanc Township
Brevort Township
City of Mackinac Island
City of St. Ignace       
Clark Township       
Garfield Township       
Hendricks Township
Hudson Township       
Marquette Township
Moran Township       
Newton Township
Portage Township       
St Ignace Township
Macomb County Municipalities
- 30 municipalities found
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Macomb County       
Armada Township       
Bruce Township   
Charter Township of Washington   
Chesterfield Charter Township   
City of Center Line       
City of Eastpointe   
City of Fraser   
City of Macomb
City of Memphis       
City of Mount Clemens   
City of New Baltimore   
City of Richmond   
City of Roseville   
City of St Clair Shores   
City of Sterling Heights   
City of Utica   
City of Warren   
Clinton Charter Township   
Harrison Township   
Lenox Township   
Macomb County Personal Property       
Macomb Township   
Ray Township       
Richmond Township   
Shelby Charter Township   
Village of Armada
Village of Grosse Pointe Shores   
Village of New Haven       
Village of Romeo   
Manistee County Municipalities
- 21 municipalities found
Back to Top
Manistee County       
Arcadia Township       
Bear Lake Township       
Brown Township
City of Manistee       
Cleon Township       
Dickson Township       
Filer Charter Township       
Manistee Township
Maple Grove Township       
Marilla Township
Norman Township       
Onekama Township       
Pleasanton Township
Springdale Township       
Stronach Township
Village of Bear Lake
Village of Copemish
Village of Eastlake
Village of Kaleva
Village of Onekama
Marquette County Municipalities
- 24 municipalities found
Back to Top
Marquette County       
Champion Township       
Chocolay Charter Township       
City of Ishpeming       
City of Marquette       
City of Negaunee       
Ely Township       
Ewing Township
Forsyth Township       
Humboldt Township       
Ishpeming Township       
Marquette Charter Township       
Marquette County Health Department
Michigamme Township       
Negaunee Township       
Powell Township       
Republic Township       
Richmond Township
Sands Township       
Skandia Township
Tilden Township
Turin Township
Wells Township
West Branch Township
Mason County Municipalities
- 21 municipalities found
Back to Top
Mason County       
Amber Township       
Branch Township
City of Ludington   
City of Scottville       
Custer Township       
Eden Township
Free Soil Township
Grant Township
Hamlin Township       
Logan Township
Meade Township
Pere Marquette Charter Township   
Riverton Township
Sheridan Township
Sherman Township
Summit Township
Victory Township
Village of Custer
Village of Fountain
Village of Free Soil
Mecosta County Municipalities
- 22 municipalities found
Back to Top
Mecosta County       
Aetna Township
Austin Township       
Big Rapids Township   
Chippewa Township       
City of Big Rapids   
Colfax Township       
Deerfield Township
Fork Township       
Grant Township       
Green Charter Township       
Hinton Township
Martiny Township       
Mecosta Township       
Millbrook Township       
Morton Township       
Sheridan Township       
Village of Barryton
Village of Mecosta
Village of Morley
Village of Stanwood
Wheatland Township       
Menominee County Municipalities
- 20 municipalities found
Back to Top
Menominee County       
Cedarville Township
City of Menominee   
City of Stephenson       
Daggett Township
Faithorn Township       
Gourley Township       
Harris Township       
Holmes Township       
Ingallston Township       
Lake Township       
Mellen Township       
Menominee Township       
Meyer Township
Nadeau Township
Spalding Township
Stephenson Township       
Village of Carney
Village of Daggett
Village of Powers
Midland County Municipalities
- 21 municipalities found
Back to Top
Midland County   
City of Coleman
City of Midland   
Edenville Township       
Geneva Township
Greendale Township
Homer Township
Hope Township       
Ingersoll Township
Jasper Township       
Jerome Township
Larkin Township
Lee Township
Lincoln Township
Midland Charter Township
Mills Township
Mount Haley Township
Porter Township
Village of Sanford
Warren Township
Water District No.1   
Missaukee County Municipalities
- 18 municipalities found
Back to Top
Missaukee County   
Aetna Township
Bloomfield Township       
Butterfield Township
Caldwell Township       
City of Lake City       
City of McBain       
Clam Union Township
Enterprise Township       
Forest Township       
Holland Township
Lake Township       
Norwich Township
Pioneer Township
Reeder Township       
Richland Township       
Riverside Township       
West Branch Township
Monroe County Municipalities
- 25 municipalities found
Back to Top
Monroe County       
Ash Township       
Bedford Township   
Berlin Charter Township       
City of Luna Pier       
City of Monroe       
City of Petersburg       
Dundee Township       
Dundee Village       
Erie Township       
Exeter Township       
Frenchtown Charter Township       
Ida Township       
La Salle Township       
London Township       
Milan Township       
Monroe Charter Township       
Raisinville Township       
South County Water Department   
Summerfield Township       
Village of Carleton
Village of Estral Beach
Village of Maybee
Village of South Rockwood
Whiteford Township   
Montcalm County Municipalities
- 30 municipalities found
Back to Top
Montcalm County       
Belvidere Township       
Bloomer Township       
Bushnell Township       
Cato Township       
City of Carson City       
City of Greenville   
City of Stanton       
Crystal Township       
Day Township       
Douglass Township       
Eureka Charter Township       
Evergreen Township       
Fairplain Township       
Ferris Township       
Home Township       
Maple Valley Township       
Montcalm Township       
Pierson Township       
Pine Township       
Reynolds Township       
Richland Township       
Sidney Township       
Village of Edmore
Village of Howard City       
Village of Lakeview
Village of Mcbride
Village of Pierson
Village of Sheridan
Winfield Township       
Montmorency County Municipalities
- 10 municipalities found
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Montmorency County       
Albert Township       
Avery Township       
Briley Township       
Hillman Township
Loud Township
Montmorency Township       
Rust Township
Vienna Township
Village of Hillman
Muskegon County Municipalities
- 27 municipalities found
Back to Top
Muskegon County       
Blue Lake Township       
Casnovia Township
Cedar Creek Township       
City of Montague       
City of Muskegon       
City of Muskegon Heights       
City of North Muskegon       
City of Norton Shores       
City of Roosevelt Park       
City of Whitehall       
Dalton Township       
Egelston Township       
Fruitland Township       
Fruitport Charter Township       
Holton Township
Laketon Township       
Montague Township
Moorland Township
Muskegon Charter Township       
Ravenna Township
Sullivan Township       
Village of Casnovia
Village of Fruitport
Village of Lakewood Club
Village of Ravenna
Whitehall Township   
Newaygo County Municipalities
- 26 municipalities found
Back to Top
Newaygo County       
Ashland Township       
Beaver Township
Big Prairie Township       
Bridgeton Township       
Brooks Township       
City of Fremont       
City of Grant       
City of Newaygo       
City of White Cloud       
Croton Township       
Dayton Township       
Denver Township       
Ensley Township       
Everett Township       
Garfield Township       
Goodwell Township
Grant Township       
Home Township
Lilley Township       
Lincoln Township       
Merrill Township
Monroe Township
Sheridan Charter Township
Troy Township
Wilcox Township
Oakland County Municipalities
- 59 municipalities found
Back to Top
Oakland County
Addison Township       
Bloomfield Hills City   
Bloomfield Township   
Brandon Charter Township       
City of Auburn Hills       
City of Berkley       
City of Birmingham   
City of Clarkston
City of Clawson       
City of Farmington   
City of Farmington Hills   
City of Ferndale   
City of Hazel Park   
City of Huntington Woods       
City of Lake Angelus
City of Lathrup Village   
City of Madison Heights   
City of Northville   
City of Novi   
City of Oak Park   
City of Orchard Lake Village
City of Pleasant Ridge       
City of Pontiac       
City of Rochester   
City of Rochester Hills   
City of Royal Oak       
City of South Lyon   
City of Southfield   
City of Sylvan Lake       
City of Troy       
City of Walled Lake       
City of Wixom       
Commerce Charter Township       
Groveland Township       
Highland Charter Township   
Holly Township   
Independence Charter Township   
Lyon Charter Township       
Milford Charter Township   
Novi Township
Oakland Charter Township   
Orion Charter Township       
Oxford Charter Township   
Rose Township
Royal Oak Charter Township
Springfield Charter Township
Village of Beverly Hills       
Village of Bingham Farms
Village of Franklin       
Village of Holly   
Village of Lake Orion       
Village of Leonard
Village of Milford       
Village of Ortonville
Village of Oxford       
Village of Wolverine Lake
Waterford Charter Township   
West Bloomfield Charter Township       
Oceana County Municipalities
- 24 municipalities found
Back to Top
Oceana County       
Benona Township       
City of Hart       
Claybanks Township       
Colfax Township       
Crystal Township       
Elbridge Township       
Ferry Township       
Golden Township   
Grant Township       
Greenwood Township       
Hart Township   
Leavitt Township       
Newfield Township   
Otto Township       
Pentwater Township   
Shelby Township       
Village of Hesperia
Village of New Era
Village of Pentwater       
Village of Rothbury       
Village of Shelby       
Village of Walkerville
Weare Township       
Ogemaw County Municipalities
- 18 municipalities found
Back to Top
Ogemaw County   
Churchill Township
City of Rose City
City of West Branch
Cumming Township       
Edwards Township
Foster Township       
Goodar Township
Hill Township
Horton Township       
Klacking Township
Logan Township
Mills Township
Ogemaw Township
Richland Township
Rose Township
Village of Prescott
West Branch Township
Ontonagon County Municipalities
- 13 municipalities found
Back to Top
Ontonagon County       
Bergland Township
Bohemia Township
Carp Lake Township
Greenland Township
Haight Township
Interior Township
Matchwood Township
McMillan Township
Ontonagon Township
Rockland Township
Stannard Township
Village of Ontonagon
Osceola County Municipalities
- 22 municipalities found
Back to Top
Osceola County       
Burdell Township       
Cedar Township
City of Evart       
City of Reed City
Evart Township       
Hartwick Township
Hersey Township
Highland Township
LeRoy Township       
Lincoln Township       
Marion Township
Middle Branch Township
Orient Township
Osceola Township       
Richmond Township       
Rose Lake Township       
Sherman Township
Sylvan Township       
Village of Hersey
Village of Leroy
Village of Tustin
Oscoda County Municipalities
- 6 municipalities found
Back to Top
Oscoda County   
Big Creek Township
Clinton Township
Comins Township
Elmer Township
Mentor Township
Otsego County Municipalities
- 13 municipalities found
Back to Top
Otsego County       
Bagley Township       
Charlton Township       
Chester Township       
City of Gaylord   
Corwith Township       
Dover Township       
Elmira Township       
Hayes Township       
Livingston Township       
Otsego County Building Department   
Otsego Lake Township       
Village of Vanderbilt       
Ottawa County Municipalities
- 25 municipalities found
Back to Top
Ottawa County
Allendale Charter Township   
Blendon Township   
City of Coopersville       
City of Ferrysburg       
City of Grand Haven   
City of Hudsonville   
City of Zeeland   
Crockery Township       
Georgetown Township   
Grand Haven Township       
Holland Charter Township   
Jamestown Charter Township   
Loutit District Library
Olive Township       
Ottawa County Central Dispatch Authority   
Park Township   
Polkton Charter Township       
Port Sheldon Township   
Robinson Township   
Spring Lake Township       
Tallmadge Charter Township       
Village of Spring Lake       
Wright Township       
Zeeland Charter Township   
Ottawa/Allegan County Municipalities
- 1 municipality found
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City of Holland   
Presque Isle County Municipalities
- 19 municipalities found
Back to Top
Presque Isle County   
Allis Township
Bearinger Township       
Belknap Township       
Bismarck Township       
Case Township       
City of Onaway
City of Rogers City       
Krakow Township       
Metz Township
Moltke Township       
North Allis Township
Ocqueoc Township       
Posen Township
Presque Isle Township       
Pulawski Township
Rogers Township       
Village of Millersburg
Village of Posen
Roscommon County Municipalities
- 13 municipalities found
Back to Top
Roscommon County   
Au Sable Township       
Backus Township
Denton Township       
Gerrish Township       
Higgins Township       
Lake Township       
Lyon Township       
Markey Township       
Nester Township
Richfield Township       
Roscommon Township       
Village of Roscommon       
Saginaw County Municipalities
- 36 municipalities found
Back to Top
Saginaw County       
Albee Township
Birch Run Township       
Blumfield Township
Brady Township
Brant Township
Bridgeport Charter Township       
Buena Vista Charter Township       
Carrollton Township       
Chapin Township
Chesaning Township       
City of Frankenmuth       
City of Saginaw   
City of Zilwaukee       
Frankenmuth Township       
Fremont Township
James Township
Jonesfield Township
Kochville Township       
Lakefield Township
Maple Grove Township
Marion Township
Richland Township
Saginaw Charter Township       
Spaulding Township
St Charles Township
Swan Creek Township
Taymouth Township       
Thomas Township       
Tittabawassee Township   
Village of Birch Run       
Village of Chesaning   
Village of Merrill
Village of Oakley
Village of St Charles       
Zilwaukee Township
Sanilac County Municipalities
- 39 municipalities found
Back to Top
Sanilac County
Argyle Township       
Austin Township
Bridgehampton Township
Buel Township   
City of Brown City
City of Croswell       
City of Marlette       
City of Sandusky       
Custer Township
Delaware Township
Elk Township
Elmer Township
Evergreen Township
Flynn Township
Forester Township       
Fremont Township
Greenleaf Township
Lamotte Township
Lexington Township   
Maple Valley Township       
Marion Township       
Marlette Township       
Minden Township
Moore Township       
Sanilac Township       
Speaker Township       
Village of Applegate
Village of Carsonville
Village of Deckerville
Village of Forestville
Village of Melvin
Village of Minden City
Village of Peck
Village of Port Sanilac
Washington Township
Watertown Township       
Wheatland Township
Worth Township       
Schoolcraft County Municipalities
- 10 municipalities found
Back to Top
Schoolcraft County       
City of Manistique       
Doyle Township
Germfask Township       
Hiawatha Township
Inwood Township
Manistique Township
Mueller Township
Seney Township       
Thompson Township
Shiawassee County Municipalities
- 28 municipalities found
Back to Top
Shiawassee County       
Antrim Township       
Bennington Township       
Burns Township       
Caledonia Charter Township   
City of Corunna       
City of Durand   
City of Laingsburg       
City of Owosso   
City of Perry       
Fairfield Township       
Hazelton Township       
Middlebury Township       
New Haven Township       
Owosso Charter Township   
Perry Township   
Rush Township       
Sciota Township       
Shiawassee Township       
Venice Township       
Vernon Township       
Village of Bancroft   
Village of Byron       
Village of Lennon
Village of Morrice
Village of New Lothrop       
Village of Vernon
Woodhull Township       
St Clair County Municipalities
- 33 municipalities found
Back to Top
St Clair County
Berlin Township       
Brockway Township       
Burtchville Township       
Casco Township       
China Township   
City of Algonac   
City of Marysville   
City of Memphis       
City of Port Huron   
City of Yale       
Clay Township       
Clyde Township       
Columbus Township   
Cottrellville Township       
East China Township       
Fort Gratiot Charter Township   
Grant Township
Greenwood Township       
Ira Township       
Kenockee Township       
Kimball Township       
Lynn Township       
Marine City   
Mussey Township       
Port Huron Township   
Riley Township       
St Clair City   
St Clair Township   
Village of Capac       
Village of Emmett
Wales Township       
St Joseph County Municipalities
- 25 municipalities found
Back to Top
St Joseph County       
Burr Oak Township       
City of Sturgis       
City of Three Rivers       
Colon Township       
Constantine Township       
Fabius Township       
Fawn River Township       
Florence Township       
Flowerfield Township       
Leonidas Township
Lockport Township       
Mendon Township       
Mottville Township       
Nottawa Township       
Park Twp       
Sherman Township       
Sturgis Township       
Village of Burr Oak       
Village of Centreville   
Village of Colon       
Village of Constantine
Village of Mendon
Village of White Pigeon       
White Pigeon Township       
St. Clair County Municipalities
- 1 municipality found
Back to Top
City of Richmond   
Tuscola County Municipalities
- 36 municipalities found
Back to Top
Tuscola County
Akron Township       
Almer Township
Arbela Township
City of Caro
City of Vassar       
Columbia Township       
Dayton Township       
Denmark Township
Elkland Township
Ellington Township
Elmwood Township
Fairgrove Township
Fremont Township       
Gilford Township
Indianfields Township
Juniata Township
Kingston Township
Koylton Township
Millington Township       
Novesta Township
Tuscola Township       
Vassar Township   
Village of Akron
Village of Caro
Village of Cass City       
Village of Fairgrove
Village of Gagetown
Village of Kingston
Village of Mayville       
Village of Millington       
Village of Reese
Village of Unionville
Watertown Township
Wells Township
Wisner Township
Van Buren County Municipalities
- 30 municipalities found
Back to Top
Van Buren County   
Almena Township   
Antwerp Township   
Arlington Township
Bangor Township       
Bloomingdale Township
City of Bangor   
City of Gobles
City of Hartford       
City of South Haven       
Columbia Township       
Covert Township
Decatur Township
Geneva Township
Hamilton Township       
Hartford Township
Keeler Township
Lawrence Township       
Paw Paw Township   
Pine Grove Township       
Porter Township
South Haven Township   
Village of Bloomingdale
Village of Breedsville
Village of Decatur       
Village of Lawrence       
Village of Lawton       
Village of Mattawan   
Village of Paw Paw   
Waverly Township
Washtenaw County Municipalities
- 31 municipalities found
Back to Top
Washtenaw County       
Ann Arbor Charter Township   
Augusta Charter Township       
Barton Hills Village       
Bridgewater Township       
City of Ann Arbor   
City of Chelsea   
City of Dexter   
City of Milan       
City of Saline   
City of Ypsilanti   
Dexter Township   
Freedom Township       
Lima Township   
Lodi Township   
Lyndon Township       
Manchester Township       
Multi Lake Sewer Authority   
Northfield Township   
Pittsfield Charter Township   
Salem Township       
Saline Township       
Scio Township   
Sharon Township       
Superior Charter Township   
Sylvan Township   
Village of Chelsea
Village of Manchester       
Webster Township   
York Township       
Ypsilanti Township   
Wayne County Municipalities
- 45 municipalities found
Back to Top
Brownstown Township   
Canton Township   
City of Allen Park   
City of Belleville   
City of Dearborn       
City of Dearborn Heights       
City of Detroit       
City of Ecorse   
City of Flat Rock   
City of Garden City   
City of Gibraltar       
City of Grosse Pointe Farms   
City of Grosse Pointe Park       
City of Grosse Pointe Woods   
City of Hamtramck   
City of Harper Woods   
City of Highland Park       
City of Inkster   
City of Lincoln Park   
City of Livonia   
City of Melvindale   
City of Northville   
City of Plymouth   
City of River Rouge   
City of Riverview   
City of Rockwood       
City of Romulus       
City of Southgate   
City of Taylor       
City of Trenton   
City of Wayne   
City of Westland   
City of Woodhaven   
City of Wyandotte   
Great Lakes Water Authority   
Grosse Ile Township   
Grosse Pointe City   
Grosse Pointe Township
Huron Charter Township       
Northville Township   
Plymouth Charter Township   
Redford Charter Township       
Sumpter Township       
Van Buren Township   
Village of Grosse Pointe Shores   
Wexford County Municipalities
- 23 municipalities found
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Wexford County       
Antioch Township       
Boon Township
Cedar Creek Township
Cherry Grove Township   
City of Cadillac   
City of Manton       
Clam Lake Township       
Colfax Township       
Greenwood Township
Hanover Township       
Haring Charter Township   
Henderson Township       
Lake Mitchell Sewer Authority   
Liberty Township       
Selma Township       
Slagle Township
South Branch Township
Springville Township       
Village of Buckley
Village of Harrietta
Village of Mesick
Wexford Township       
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