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Part-Time Building Attendant
Posting Ends: Continuous
Hourly Pay Range: $10.00 - $10.00
Hours: Part Time Employee
Location: Clarkston, MI
Category: Parks and Recreation
Position Summary
Under the supervision of the Senior Division Supervisor and the Senior Community Center Custodian, this position is responsible for setting up, cleaning, and supervising residents that utilize the Senior Community Center and Bartsch Hall.
Position Description
Essential Functions
• Responsible for opening and closing the front park gate and Senior Community Center as needed 1 hour before rental.
• Supervises rentals in Bartsch Hall, Senior Community Center Building.
• Educates and enforces facility rules and regulations and contacts authorities as needed.
• Responsible for setting up tables, chairs and equipment in Bartsch Hall which also includes, removing all items and cleaning the room after the rental has ended.
• Monitor kitchen area and let the renters know what items are available to use and not use to make sure all equipment is used properly including proper usage of the gas stove.
• Performs light maintenance as needed including sweeping and cleaning of bathrooms after each rental.
• Responsible for closing the Community Center which includes but is not limited to, removing all trash, ensuring all equipment is off, verify that AC/Heat is at proper temperature, all doors and windows are secured and set the Center alarm and lock the building and front gate.
• Coordinate with on-site park rangers and request assistance during rentals if necessary.
• Assist the Nutrition Coordinator in making lunches and food for special events and parties. Responsible for following SERV-Safe procedures as required by the Health Department.
• Clean kitchen as needed including dishes, steam tables and kitchen equipment.
• Assist PT Custodian with cleaning Senior Community Center and Carriage House as needed by dusting, wiping tables, vacuuming, mopping floors and other duties as assigned.
• Responsible for cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms in both facilities.
• Other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience
• Graduate from High school or CED equivalent.
• Minimum 1-year related experience including building supervision or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
• Serve Safe Certification through Oakland County Health Department is preferred.
• Experience in working with the public.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Skill in operation of tools and equipment used in the kitchen
• Must be able to work in a variety of environments
• Must have basic math and computer skills
• Must be able to effectively meet and deal with the public, ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing; ability to handle stressful situations.
• Demonstrating good judgment and decision-making in investigating problems.
• Seeking guidance and direction as necessary for performance of duties.
• Respecting the confidentiality of company, customer, and personnel information.
• Maintaining cooperative working relationships with supervisors and other staff.
• Demonstrating the ability to tactfully handle difficult situations.
• Planning, time utilization and best use of time during shift.
• Consistently showing ability to recognize and deal with priorities.
• Ability to perform all duties in an independent manner with little supervision.
• Must be professional in appearance.

Conditions of Employment
Throughout my employment with Independence Township Department of Parks, Recreation, & Seniors, I agree to abide by the following conditions of employment:

• As a seasonal or part-time employee, of the Department, I agree to abide by the rules and regulations as outlined in the Employee Handbook.

• I understand the physical demands of this position and if at any time during my employment, I am unable to perform the responsibilities as required, I will notify my supervisor immediately.

• When employment is contingent on certain certifications, if for some reason I am unable to maintain current certificates, I will notify my employer immediately.

• Employee staff meetings are a requirement of some positions and attendance may be mandatory.

• Employees must wear issued uniform.

• All keys and equipment issued must be returned prior to receipt of last check.

• As a seasonal or part-time employee I understand:
• My employment is limited to a specific season or activity and that there are no implied promises for returning to work for another season, activity or time period.
• I understand that if a permanent position becomes available, I shall have no rights to that position greater than those of the general public.

• I understand I must provide my Social Security Card and Driver’s License, or my Passport, or another approved I-9 document(s) prior to hire

• Employment is conditional upon successful completion of a background check.

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