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Aquatics Assistant Director
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Posting Ends: Continuous
Hourly Pay Range: $13.75 - $14.25
Hours: Seasonal Employee
Location: Clarkston, MI
Category: Parks and Recreation
Position Summary
To provide support in leadership and oversight for the Aquatics lesson programs at Deer Lake Beach.The individual in this capacity has specific duties relative to their job, in addition to, the general rules, policies, procedures, and expectations of the Department.
Position Description
Although every detail of the day-to-day job may not be included in this job description, the Aquatics Supervisor will be expected to perform the duties required to administer a successful summer that provides a positive experience for all participants. Keep in mind; enthusiasm and communication is key!

Reports to: Beach Director and Swim Lesson Director
Positions Reporting to this Position: Lifeguards

Must be at least 18 years of age, have a general understanding of the operations at Deer Lake Beach, Spray Park, have the ability to work with children to grow in character, experiences and insights, and have an excellent knowledge of lifeguarding and basic first aid.

• Reports Directly to the Recreation Supervisor.
• Must be willing to work a flexible schedule.
• Assist Aquatics Director where needed.
• Responsible for pre-season set-up & post-season clean-up for the Swim Lesson Program.
o Responsible for pre-season and post-season swim lesson equipment inventory.
o Responsible for Swim Lesson in-services for Swim Instructors, training each Swim Instructor on the class they will be teaching, (including working with both parents and the children) and all paperwork they will be expected to complete along with deadlines they have to meet.
o Create Swim Lesson Instructor guidelines and manuals.
o Complete a yearly Swim Lesson Course Record Book to keep in the Parks and Recreation Office.
o Responsible for mid-season and post-season Swim Instructor evaluations.
o Responsible for final Swim Lesson report including future recommendations and Swim Instructor evaluations.
• Responsible for daily Swim Lesson operations at Deer Lake from Memorial Day thru Labor Day. Responsible for overseeing daily operations of beach in the absence of Beach Director.
o Provide Swim Instructors with necessary forms (block plans, course records, attendance sheets, rosters, etc.).
o Maintaining adequate supplies of necessary forms, reports etc. for instructors.
o Check aquatics voicemail.
o Cancel, postpone, and reschedule swim lessons as needed, as well as contacting parents, staff, and the office of any changes.
o Update the Aquatics Hotline
o Complete RecPro transfers.
o Oder and keep an inventory of Swim Lesson Participant Certificates.
o Perform procedure checks on completed swim lesson forms and reports, making sure that all Instructors turned in their paperwork, including Course Records on time.
o Ensure that Swim Instructors follow the Swim Instructor Manual and Guidelines.
o Creatie swim lesson certificates.
o Mail out certificates with course records and a Swim Lesson Evaluation within one week from the end of each session.
o Attend weekly supervisor meetings.
o Submit all invoices and receipts to the Recreation Supervisor within 24 hours.
• Create swim lesson program flier by mid-March and sending it out to the schools.
o Provide swim lesson registration support in the Parks and Recreation Office when needed.
• Act as liaison between the Parks, Recreation & Seniors Department, and swim lesson parents.
• Maintain a professional, fun, and safe environment for swim lesson participants.
• Maintain safety at the beach by ensuring all Jeff Ellis and Associates Beach operation lifeguard and instructor protocols are followed.
• Take lead in the planning and preparation of Splash into Summer End of School Party.
• Responsible for enforcing all health & safety protocols and procedures.

• Work with Recreation Supervisor on proper office procedures and policies.
• Be a certified Ellis and Associates lifeguard.

• Check in with Recreation Supervisor at least every other day.
• Be visible and “active” on site. Be available to your lifeguards and guests.
• Be sure to provide the beach with the proper daily use forms and make sure the swim lesson binders are up to date and in good working condition.
• Help supervisors update rainout line when there are closures and communicate with Day Camp Staff as necessary.
• Provide a written evaluation after the season.

Independence Fest
Independence Fest – June 29, 2024
It is mandatory that all employees work at least an 8-hour shift for Independence Fest. The job duty on this day will not reflect the duties of the above position

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