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Youth Baseball/Softball Umpire
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Posting Ends: Continuous
Hours: Seasonal Employee
Location: Clarkston, MI
Category: Parks and Recreation
Position Summary
To provide support for the operations of the youth baseball and softball program. The individual in this capacity has specific duties relative to their job, in addition to, the general rules, policies, procedures, and expectations of the Department.
Position Description
Although every detail of the day-to-day job may not be included in this job description, a Youth Baseball/Softball Umpire will be expected to perform the duties required to help make a successful program that provides a positive experience for the participants. Keep in mind; enthusiasm and communication are key!

Reports to: Umpire-in-Chief
Age Requirement: Minimum of 14 years old

• Have knowledge and understanding or ability to learn Independence Township Parks and Recreation rules.
• Make all umpire calls clearly, animated and confident.
• Be respectful to the sport and its participants. Treat everyone equally. Enforce rules in an unbiased fashion.
• Wear proper uniform (Independence Township Parks and Recreation staff shirt and hat with navy shorts or pants, and athletic shoes) and protective equipment. Failure to do so will result in you being sent home.
• Bring a writing utensil, umpire indicator, and rules to every game. (items provided)
• Arrive to game site at least 15 minutes before the scheduled game time and be prepared for every game.
• Conduct pre-game meeting before the game (flip coin for home team, discuss rules, ground rules, reinforce that you will only discuss problems with the head coach.)
• Make sure all players are wearing proper protective equipment.
• Be familiar with emergency response and severe weather procedures.
• Field umpire will be responsible for filling out game card. Check score with both benches at end of ½ innings. Fill out game card completely including score, innings pitched by pitchers, coach’s signature, league, team names, start and end time, date, and field.
• Do not leave the field until you are relieved by your replacement or a site supervisor if there is another game scheduled after your game.
• Leave equipment and game card(s) with site supervisor or in baseball storage box when game is complete.

• Take initial umpire test on one of the designated testing dates as well as pass the follow up test prior to actual games.
• Attend all trainings that require you to be there.

• Take charge on the field and be in control.
• Report problems and any concerning information to baseball supervisors including any unusual circumstances that take place at the playing fields.
• Be able to explain and clarify rules and interpretations.
• Be able to find your qualified replacement to sub if you are unable to umpire. You must notify the Baseball Director at least 24 hours in advance if this is needed. Failure to do so may result in you being dropped from the umpiring schedule.

Independence Fest
Independence Fest – June 29, 2024
It is mandatory that all employees work at least an 8-hour shift for Independence Fest. The job duty on this day will not reflect the duties of the above position.

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