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Posting Ends: Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Hourly Pay Range: $23.51 - $26.12
Hours: Full Time Employee
Location: Clarkston, Michigan
Category: Office and Administrative Support
Position Summary
This is an Appraiser Level II position in the Assessor’s Office. Continuing education courses are required annually through the Michigan Assessors Association in order to retain certification and keep up to date with new and changing laws. This appraiser should be actively working toward a MAAO (3) certification by taking the State Tax Commission 18 month program.
Position Description
Essential Functions of the Position
• Measuring and collection of data regarding real property structures
• Locate and identify all taxable property in jurisdiction
• Inventory quality, quantity, and characteristics of property
• Estimate the value of each taxable property
• Determine extent of taxability or exempt status
• Calculate assesses, capped, and taxable values for property
• Defend value estimate and valuation methods with taxpayers
• Educate property owners in understanding the appraisal process
• Participate in annual March Board of Review
• Data entry
• Downloading site photographs to Equalizer and to County LAMS system
• Receive and process Warranty Deeds, Property Transfer Affidavits, Principle Residence Exemption Affidavits, Request to Rescind Principle Residence and Conditional Rescissions
• Prepare Michigan Tax Tribunal small claims appeals and assist with full tribunals as needed.
• Formulate sales studies used to set Economic Condition Factors for some residential neighborhoods
• Conduct land studies for vacant and improved land values including wetlands
• Work with plat maps and Geographic Information System
• Assist person property examiner
• Other duties as assigned

• High school diploma or equivalent
• Michigan Certified Assessing Officer MCAO (2) but will be required to obtain a MAAO within 1 years of hire.
• Knowledge of Equalizer Software, Apex Medina, and Geographic Information System
• Proficient with Microsoft Word & Excel

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• All facets of assessment administration.
• Knowledge of State Tax Commission procedures and guidelines.
• Familiar with current statutory requirements and legislative duties and responsibilities.
• Knowledge of all requirements under the General Property Tax Act.
• Ability to critically assess situations, solve problems, and to work effectively under stress within deadlines and changes in work priorities.
• Ability to use office equipment and technology, including computers and related software which include, Equalizer software, Apex sketch programs, Microsoft Office Programs: Word, Excel, Access, Power Point; GIS mapping programs and BS&A software.
• Ability to establish effective working relationships and use good judgment when dealing with employees, vendors, contractors, government representatives, Township officials, citizens, and the Township Board.

Additonal Information
This position is a union position and is subject to the current collective bargaining agreement.

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