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Posting Ends: Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Hourly Pay: $22.98
Hours: Full Time Employee
Category: Law Enforcement
Position Summary
The Jackson County Office of the Sheriff is currently hiring for the position of Deputy to fulfill patrol functions and other responsibilities which include law enforcement, motorist assistance, traffic control, crime prevention and investigation, report writing, hazard identification, building and property security, criminal and traffic accident investigation, and rendering first aid.
Position Description
Police Officers Association of Michigan

Must complete entry-level examination through Empco. Exam may be completed online or at a hosted location near you. To complete the exam online or to obtain a list of hosting locations go to www.empco.net . Candidates already registered in the Empco System will not need to re-register, however, you must select “Jackson County Sheriff’s Office” in order for us to review your test results.

Under the supervision of a Sergeant or other command officer, patrols the County in order to enforce the laws, investigate criminal activities, police accident scenes, respond to domestic and other disputes, and answer requests for a variety of services. Performs a variety of functions related to protecting lives and property within the County. May be assigned to road patrol, detective bureau, traffic enforcement and crash reconstruction, school liaison, narcotics, or other specialized assignment.

Essential Functions include but are not limited to:

- Patrols the County to enforce traffic and other laws. Utilizes radar and laser speed timing equipment. Stops traffic violators and issues citations as appropriate, assists stranded motorists, provides assistance during hazardous conditions, and serves as a deterrent to crime.
- Responds to a variety of citizen complaints such as robbery, breaking and entering, assault, vandalism, and domestic disputes. Maintains radio communications with the Central Dispatch to seek necessary information, request additional assistance and coordinate activities.
- Initiates investigations by searching for physical evidence, collecting and preserving evidence, interviewing victims and witnesses, taking photographs, and protecting crime scenes. Makes arrests and takes into custody as appropriate and advises suspects of their rights.
- Responds to citizens calls for assistance, may provide initial medical assistance, attempts to resolve disputes, provides for citizen protection, and provides general assistance.
- Obtains arrest warrants through the Prosecutor’s office and signs before a judge or magistrate. Makes arrests on warrants authorized by the courts.
- Responsible for the security and transportation of arrested and incarcerated individuals to jail, court, medical appointments, and other correctional facilities.
- Reports to accident scenes to police the scene, render first aid, request medical service and transportation as appropriate, direct traffic, and investigate the cause of the accident. May take photographs, measurements, and statements as part of the investigation.
- Prepares detailed reports of activities, including complaints, accidents, and arrests to provide an accurate documentation of events.
- Appears in court to present information and evidence as the arresting officer or witness.
- Provides crowd control services at major incident scenes as well as at civic and special events.
- May be assigned to Traffic Monitoring Division; including concentrating on traffic enforcement, investigating all serious injury and fatal accidents to determine for cause, gathering all pertinent evidence and data related to such accidents, preparing scale drawings of crash, and performing other reconstruction functions. Testifies in court as to findings.
- May serve as a Narcotics Officer to identify individuals engaged in the possession and sale of illegal narcotics, conduct investigations, conduct surveillance, and collect background information. Serves as an undercover officer to purchase narcotics.
- May serve in a variety of other specialized capacities such as marine officer, canine officer, school liaison officer, and other areas. Conducts presentations on a variety of topics related to area of assignment.
- Checks businesses after hours and homes that are temporarily vacated for security purposes.
- Serves civil and criminal papers.
- May serve as relief Sergeant.

High school diploma or equivalent. CERTIFICATION AS A POLICE OFFICER IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN. Good communications skills. Must successfully complete a written exam, interview, background investigation, physical examination and drug screen. Ability to work any shift, weekends and holidays.

CORE BENEFITS (Full Time Employees):
Provided at no cost: $3,000 Cash-In-Lieu of Insurance; $30,000 Life Insurance, $30,000 AD&D; Long-Term Disability; Wellness Benefits (Employee only, does not include spouse or dependents); Employee Assistance Program; 10 paid Holidays; Paid Time Off ranging from 15 to 30 days per year (based on length of service); Paid bereavment leave; and Education Assistance of up to $2,000 annually.

Full time employees are also offered an Employer match of 6% in our Defined Contribution Plan and greater than two times the employee contribution to our Retirement Health Savings Plan.

OPTIONAL BENEFITS (cost share required):
Medical, Prescription, Dental, Vision; Optional Life Insurance for employee, spouse and dependent children; Short-Term Disability; Medical and Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts

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